Hoodie,zip "Combat Gear"

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Producer: Doberman's Aggressive
Product code: DA_MKZ_COMBATGEAR-BZ15
Zipped sweatshirt with hood and high collar. Two patch pockets on the front. Hood strings, metal fittings and gray company insert. Model finished with wide cuffs. On the back, at the height of the shoulder blades, there is a one-color graphics with a laurel wreath surrounding the symbol of "44" and the "Doberman's Combat Gear" inscription in the Gothic style. The same theme of wreath with the number "44" on the left chest side. In the center there is a small embroidered patch in the form of a shield. On the right sleeve there is a one-color embroidery made directly on the material. In the center of the embroidery, a color patch in the form of a shield with the number "44".